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Finally, a minister worth admiring!

Read a news article ( link ) today about Jairam Ramesh on rediff. Finally, we have an environment minister who is not afraid to stand up to greedy, capitalist-minded business houses interested only in short-term gains. He is willing to put his neck on the line to deny environmental clearances for projects that endanger or destroy India's last remaining wild places. A case in point, as explained in the article, is a recent proposal to build a thermal power unit on what was termed as barren land , unfit for agriculture in AP. A review by an expert panel found that the area in question was prime wetland habitat and would also endanger the sources of two perennial streams if construction was allowed. 

Industrial houses like the Jindals and Essar( both of whom have been known to be very interested in mining in the forests of MP, flouting all laws) hate him for the incessant delays and non-clearance of their proposed projects. As the case described above illustrates, they are very rarely in the right. Land-grabs, inadequate compensation for relocation of displaced villagers, lack of any kind of concrete investments in local infrastructure or economy - all of these just add up to their blatant disregard for the environment as they pursue the bottomline.

In such a scenario, it is refreshing to see a politician like Mr.Ramesh stand up for what is right and beat back the conglomerates.
Here's  applauding our Minister for Environment and hoping that the present Government has the courage to keep on the first truly effective environment minister we have had in decades. Cheers to Mr.Ramesh!
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